Jun 21, 1933---Nov 04, 2022

June was born to Emil and Helen Becker in June of 1933.  She lived with her parents and sister Christine in a flat in downtown St Louis.  June described herself as a tomboy because she loved being outside and loved playing softball during her youth. 

When she was in high school, her family moved to a home in Jennings Missouri.  After graduating high school June went to work at AT&T (Southwestern Bell) in the drafting department.  This is where she met the love of her life.  She told us that he came into the department dressed in his army uniform and she turned to her coworker and said I am going to marry him someday.  That Soldier Was Robert Bonn.


Her dream came true on a very hot October day in 1955.  It was so hot that day, topping out at 110 degrees, that she became ill from the heat in the church.  Their love story began with a transfer to Kansas City ‘s AT&T office located in downtown.  For the first year they traveled between St Louis and Kansas City, but June spent most of her time in St. Louis and Robert was in Kansas City.  They build their first home in Prairie Village where they raised the four children, Loren, Linda, Lee and Lyle.  They moved once in their 65 years of marriage to the home next door


The home on the left was their first home 

June, with her husband Bob joined Trinity Lutheran Church in 1955 and have been members for 65 years.  June participated in the Naomi Circle women’s missionary group holding different positions during her time with the church.

Trinity Lutheran Church

June retired after working at AT&T for over 25 years.  Most of her time working for the leader in telecommunication was spent working with her husband Bob.  I remember that during strikes they would drive together, June would walk the picket line while her husband would go and work as a switchboard operator.


June’s most important job was raising her four children which was no easy task.  Her first son, Loren, arrived in their life in 1959 and 18 months later their only daughter, Linda arrived.  In 1966 their second son Lee arrived, and their third son and last child, Lyle, arrived on a cold November night in 1967.  Looking back June was great at handling four children growing up in the 1960’s and 1970’s.  Not only was she a mom to her four children she was a second mom to all her children’s friends. 


June loved all her grandchildren Jeff Dodson, Emilee Ragland, and Katie Sohn (Linda’s children), Shelby Bonn and Isabelle Bonn (daughters of Lee Bonn) as well as her great grandchildren, Jorian, son of Jeff, Tucker and Hayden Louise (name after June) children of Emilee, and Kinnick Sohn, son of Katie.  She was unable to meet her newest great granddaughter Karver Sohn but we know she is watching over her from heaven.


Holding youngest Great Grandchild            proudly wearing a sweatshirt of her granddaughter college

She shared a love for traveling throughout the United States with her love, but we are sure he had the stronger love of camping while they traveled.  They even camped on most of their anniversaries.  June recorded ever trip with daily journals which we still enjoy reading.  One of the fondest memories from her grandson Jeffrey Dodson was all the trips they took him on when he was young holding them special in his heart.

 June did have another love which was Christmas and the decorations.  She had several different collections from Santa figures to ugly Christmas trees.  If she could have, she would have kept the Christmas decorations out all year long.  When we moved June to assisted living last her eldest son moved all her decorations to his basement, he told her that the basement was a Hallmark store.

 So many memories our family and friends had of you June, and how caring you were to all. from helping with our school projects to teaching us how to cook but most of all how to be the best wife and mom.  You are truly missed every day!

June celebrating 65 years of marriage to her soulmate Bob


Celebration of Life Ceremony for June Bonn will be held on December 10, 2022, at 10:30am.  It will be held at Trinity Lutheran Church 5601 W 62nd St, Mission, KS 66202.  A light lunch will be served for Family and friends.  The family would love to have everyone to wear the favorite Christmas attire.



We are asking that donations be made in her honor and memory to any of the following charities.

Alzheimer’s Care at The University of Kansas Health System. Donations can be made payable to The University of Kansas Health System and mailed to Fund Development, 2330 Shawnee Mission Parkway, Suite 305, Westwood, KS 66205 or visit



Trinity Lutheran Church

 5601 W 62nd St,

Mission, KS 66202


Memories Shared by June’s Son Loren Bonn

Mom, you always told me, "I knew God had a reason that he brought you into my life", well I'm here to say the same that "God knew" he had a reason in the beginning why he brought you into the world back on that first day of Summer in 1933, and named you June. "God knew" throughout your childhood during the depression and following years that you were loved and cared for by your parents, sister, Christine and family.  "God knew" that day would come when you would meet that "Man of your Dreams" saying "Now that's what I'm looking for!", "God knew" when you and Robert, Dad, were going to be married as one under God on October 22, 1955 forming a loving and faithful bond made in heaven for 65+ years. "God Knew" afterwards you and Dad would move to Kansas City area for work with AT&T. "God knew" when it was the right time for you and Dad to start building a family. When I came along in the Summer of '59, you would say I was so small that you were afraid to hold me. You were afraid that you would break me. But "God knew" that wouldn't happen, bringing along Linda a couple years later, and in a few more years would come Lee and Lyle. God knew, you and Dad would love, nurture, guide and teach us. "God knew" you would navigate us children through childhood, teenage years and into adulthood but also from the car as we traveled throughout the USA. Mom you were and still are our guide through our lives for eternity. You taught me to play, swim, tie my shoes, have fun, and love our neighbors. When the teachers wanted to hold me back because of my size and to grow a bit more, you said no and encouraged me. You always said good things come in small packages. As you and I got involved in computers while I was in High School it formed my 40-year career. You found the Boy Scout Explorer Post where I was able to pursue a passion and learned to fly airplanes, God knew you weren't much for the motion but that you would be safe with me as we went for a ride anyway. You taught us how to cook and to try a variety food although you didn't like eggs or chicken you still cooked it for us kids and Dad. There's something about family along with the warmth and time spent in the kitchen around the table. There were many great times around the family dinner table, holidays, birthdays, special occasions, dinner was always ready at 5:45 when Dad would get home from work. You taught us how to stretch out a meal and look forward to refrigerator cleanout of leftovers on the weekends. Mom, God knew you were full of love and kindness, reaching out to help others enough so that you attained the award of Kentucky Colonel for your volunteering service and leadership with the Telephone Pioneer Family Campers organization that you and Dad traveled with for many years in retirement. Mom our last few years have been rough but God Knew we would get through them. God knew when it was time to call you Home for the Holidays to be with family and friends in heaven. Oh, there will be many days of tears when I will be thinking of you while cooking in the kitchen, over a cup of coffee and morning devotions, working on a computer or out traveling to see the world of God's creation while you are navigating me. A BIG HUG MOM! I LOVE YOU and ALWAYS WILL, God Knows…. 


Memories Shared by June’s daughter Linda (Bonn) Dodson

A daughter’s best friend…

You were, are, and always will be my best friend.  But with every friendship there are challenges.  I could always count on your love and support no matter the challenge.  You were great at teaching me to sew, cook, and care for a household but you taught me so much more.  You taught me to love others, you taught me honesty, and how to be independent.  You were my biggest fan, always cheering me on in all my life adventures.  You pushed me to be my best but most important, you let me fall down which made me a stronger person.

I love all the time we spent shopping, especially at Christmas time.  I don’t quite have a Hallmark Store of decorations, but my husband would say at least a half of a Hallmark Store is in our basement.  It was nice to have “mom” time without the boys.  You also shared your love for food especially buttered noodles.  You taught me how to feed 6 on a budget and your wieners & beans and Spam & green beans were 2 of my friends’ favorite meals.

I know how excited you must be to be with Dad in God’s house.  All I wanted was for you to be happy.  I will miss you every day and our phone calls we had almost daily as I drove home from work.  We will still talk everyday just without a phone.  I love you so much and will always love you. I know you will be watching from above and cheering me and our family on with our adventures.  I know you are at peace.

Love, Linda 


Memories Shared by June’s Son Lee Bonn

Honestly, I don’t know where to start. I love you and dad you were the best parents. 56 years of you being my mom! All your children are over 50 and living their best lives. It wasn’t until my later years that I realized how much you taught me about life. You and dad taught us to be respectful children and how to take care of ourselves with cooking, cleaning, gardening (roses), living a full life and being grateful. With all the grief I caused you growing up (we all caused you some) I believe we came out stronger. I was able to talk to you about everything and you answered in a caring and honest way that only years of being a mom could do. I don’t know how you and dad managed four children but somehow you were there for all of us. You and dad have gone to heaven knowing you created a wonderful family.

Traveling with you and dad across America are some of my best memories. Camping and family time led me to want my daughters to see this great country as well. Shelby and Isabelle will always have those memories of camping on weekends and our travels to Florida and Colorado. It wasn’t about where we went it was, I wanted them to spend time with their Grandparents. The stories that you tell of your lives is part of the life circle that hopefully continues in their lives as they grow to have a family.

I am not sure who I will be able to confide in about life but when I need you, I know you will find a way to answer me. Over the past year since Dad passed it was hard for me to see you in your pain and heartbreak. I hope that our Sunday trips to church and lunch (pasta mainly) helped to ease your pain. You didn’t hesitate to take the big steps to get in the Jeep and seemed to enjoy the ride. My daughters got me back to church, something they will never know but I needed it. I felt my heart pulling on me to get you back to church. It wasn’t the church that you and dad had been to for so many years, but I think you enjoyed the music and the message. Something in your smile told me that you were happy.

I wrote a Christmas card to you and dad; I hope you read it with Dad. I know you both are in heaven together again and reunited. I will always know you both will be watching over all of us. I love you both and we will be together again someday.

It is never Goodbye; it is See you when I see you.

Love, Lee


Memories Shared by June’s Son Lyle Bonn

I'm not sure how you pulled it off while raising four kids, but you were a wonderful mom.

 You made sure I knew the basics like how to sew a button on, how to cook and how to bake. When I was little, I remember helping you stir the bowl of frosting while sitting on the countertop at the green house. I also remember later helping you make all the different treats at Christmas time and learning together how to cook with the microwave.

 You hauled me around to all the different places - ball practice, ball games, art classes, drum lessons. I was surprised when you were okay with the drum set, I picked out. I was so excited to get it because I was sure you'd say no. And later, after a lot of practice for my drum solo competition you told me I did a good job even though I made a few mistakes along the way. Some of your best advice was that day - you told me I was the only one that knew I messed up and not to broadcast my mistakes with my actions.

  You were quite the artist and had a detailed kind of mind. You loved to doodle and to do art projects. Some of that has seemed to rub off on me - early on when I was drawing my pictures as a kid and later with my drafting, design work and woodworking projects. Do you remember the board I spent all day in the shop duplicating for your chair that you were sure you needed and then as I was putting the chair together it wasn't needed at all?  

 And I know you were miserable without dad, but the boys always loved to visit you - whether at the house or at your apartment. They got to go for a car ride, always knew the way and knew when we were almost there. I don't know who was more excited about the visit, you or them. I'm guessing them, as they got a treat on the way out for being good boys. But maybe it was you - you always seemed to enjoy introducing them to your neighbors. We had some good talks and plenty of laughs at your apartment - you always listened and gave me the advice I needed.


Love you - Lyle

P.S. no more pits, no more worries.



Chris Haden Dec 09, 2022

Friend from Trinity Lutheran Church ,Roeland Park ,Kansas

June was a dear friend to Jack and me. She made the most amazing birthday cards that were cleaver, whimsical and funny. I’m sorry I can’t be with you to celebrate her life. My deepest sympathy. Chris Haden

Kim Mitchell Dec 10, 2022

Friend of Loren ,Mission ,Kansas

My thoughts and prayers are with your family! Knowing that June is at peace with her loving husband in heaven will comfort you all. You will all be together again one day to sit together and talk about your family adventures.