Apr 07, 2001---Feb 27, 2023

Noah Steven Gills Hookstra lost his hard fought battle with depression on February 27th, 2023, at the age of 21. Noah was a junior at the University of Kansas.  He was majoring in history with a minor in education. He served as an R.A. for two years.  He was on pace to graduate this spring, after three years. 

Noah was born on April 7, 2001 to Stacie and Kurt Hookstra. 

Noah was considerate, deeply thoughtful, and passionate. It is impossible to put his personhood into a few sentences. Noah loved, and loved deeply. He was kind, which is more important than being nice. He was a perpetual student, a scholar, a loving son, an intentional and thoughtful brother, and a sincere, devoted friend. 

Noah is survived by his parents, Stacie and Kurt, his sisters Sydney and Emma, his grandmothers, as well as many aunts, uncles and cousins. Noah is loved deeply and completely by their partner, Elizabeth. He is remembered and cherished by his family, friends, residents from Lewis Hall, Dole SAB family, D&D players, thesis cohort, and so many others, including those who never actually met him. To name them all would be to create a near-infinite list. 

A memorial is planned for June 3 with details to follow.

Noah’s family requests that any donations go towards the Sunrise Movement: Secure.actblue.com


Abigail Moore Mar 08, 2023

Friend ,Wichita ,Kansas

I had an amazing time getting to know Noah. He was not only a great friend, but as well as a great mentor. He never let me feel dumb and always had something new to teach me. I remember during one of the dinners at Dole, I was so extremely nervous to eat with the guest of the night. He not only comforted me, but he also encouraged me to ask the hard questions. He will be so extremely missed and I'm so glad I got to meet his beautiful soul. Sending so much love.

Karen Benner Mar 08, 2023

Friend ,Central City ,Nebraska

My heart is broken for you all. Losing a child is a depth of loss unimaginable. May you lean on your faith, family and friends to navigate through the grief that must seem insurmountable. Our prayers are surrounding you.????

Tina Stonehouse Mar 08, 2023

Cousin ,Waterford ,Michigan

Stacie and Family, I am SO very sorry for your loss. Love and prayers to you ALL! Love Tina and Family

Laura Decedue Mar 08, 2023

Teacher ,LENEXA ,Kansas

I am so sorry for your loss. Noah was in my science class in 8th grade. I remember him as a smart, vibrant young man. He loved learning. Noah was one of the few students selected to do more in-depth projects. He always accepted the challenge of learning more than his peers. I remember how excited he was to go see the midnight showing of "The Force Awakens" when it opened. He was definitely one-of-a-kind. Deepest condolences to you all.

Cheryl coy Mar 09, 2023

Neighbor ,Shawnee ,Kansas

Our hearts are breaking for your family. Mental illness can be so hard and debilitating. Our family hopes Noah is finally at peace and in a happy place. You were wonderful neighbors and this loss hits hard. Love, The Coy Family

Robynn Haydock Mar 09, 2023

Family friend ,Prairie Village ,Kansas

Stacie, Sydney, Emma and family, My heart is with you all. Noah only knows peace and love now. May you feel the comfort of his abundant sprit in your grief. The wonderful impact he had on so many people is certainly conveyed in this beautifully written tribute.

Jillian Harris Mar 09, 2023

Hookstra family. You all have been heavy in my hearts and mind. I am so thankful I had the opportunity to meet Noah. He was incredibly lucky to have had such an amazing family by his side loving him through the good and bad. Sending you all lots of love as you navigate this difficult time.

Alexa Gentry Mar 09, 2023

Lewis resident and friend ,Topeka ,Kansas

I never met a kinder guy. Noah's trivia nights gave life at KU flavor it would've lacked otherwise. He came with us to canvas door to door one time last year, and he was incredibly good at it. His work is partially why Lawrence has their newest School Board member. He's affected that force of good for people he'd never even met, as he was always doing. My heart goes out to his family in this difficult time. He'll be greatly missed.

Damien Russell Mar 09, 2023

Friend ,Lawrence ,Kansas

They will certainly be missed by so many people. He was a great person and was always there for everyone on their floor in Lewis. I remember him constantly asking me if I was okay when I was struggling with my own issues regarding mental illness, they always let me know that they were there for me and he would recommend resources for everything I was going through. Some days they were the only person I'd be willing to chat with. Rest in peace Noah, and may you find happiness wherever you are now.

Henry J Barsch Mar 09, 2023

To the family, I am deeply sorry for your loss. May he rest in peace.

Teresa Kavanaugh Mar 09, 2023

Friend ,Shawnee ,Kansas

Stacie and family, I’m so very sorry to hear about Noah. Praying for peace and comfort at this time.

Nicolas Pottorf Mar 09, 2023

Peer and Acquaintance ,Oskaloosa ,Kansas

I’m not sure if I’m qualified to say much since I didn’t know Noah as well as the rest of my classmates or the staff here at KU, but I did want to say some things about him. I’m an anxiety-ridden individual socially and I have trouble remembering many people since I have trouble interacting with others, but of all the people I can say I’ll remember after KU, Noah was one of them. He was a recurrent fixture in many of my history classes and he always stood out for his willingness to stand up in class and encourage discussions both academically and socially. Noah was the kind of outgoing individual I wish I could be, and his aspirations to teach others was inspiring. Although I can only call him a peer and acquaintance, it was a sobering moment when instead of him arriving with his usually cheerful smile to our honors class on that Tuesday, we were greeted to news of his passing the day before. During that following hour in silence, all I could think about was one question he had asked me the previous semester when inquiring to our class about our post-graduation goals: “Why do you want to be a teacher?” My answer to that question still hasn’t changed, but, in tandem with other questions I’ve been asking myself in the last few months about my own aspirations and goals, the passion with which I want to pursue the hope of helping others reach for their own dreams has been strengthened. I know not the grief of losing a child, brother, or partner, but I know the feeling of losing someone deeply meaningful and inspiring in one’s life; someone who shines like a star when they enter a room and whose very presence brings others together to achieve great things… And although the star that was Noah has faded, I believe – I know – that because of him, many other stars shine brighter. I pray that his family and loved ones are able to find peace knowing the great things he was able to accomplish in life and that many others will still carry a piece of his light with them. Although I know that the seat he occupied beside me in class will remain empty, I myself will remember him not in death, but in life, and I wish that any who reads this will do so as well.

David Trowbridge Mar 09, 2023

Professor ,Leawood ,Kansas

Noah was the kind of student that made each class better through dedication to learning, compassion for classmates, respect for diverse perspectives, and that infectious smile. Noah’s intelligence, talent, and respect for and from peers was clear from day one. I’m fifteen years of teaching, I don’t know that any student has made such a positive impression on me in such a short time. I only knew Noah for two months, but I am thankful for that time. Our class was better because Noah was part of it.

Tina Cardamone Mar 09, 2023

None ,Royal Oak ,Michigan

I am deeply sorry that Noah could not find another way through his pain and so sorry for your loss. My sincerest condolences to your family and friends. May you continue to honor and cherish the beautiful memories you shared.??????

Nathan Wood Mar 10, 2023

Professor for three of Noah's classes ,Lawrence ,Kansas

Noah was a student in my WWI history class, as well as in the history honors thesis seminar, which began last fall and continues this spring. I marveled at Noah's ability to ask great questions of classmates and to engage with people. Love for history, political engagement, and wonderfully colorful shirts were other hallmarks of this singular person. The thesis cohort and I miss Noah tremendously. I wish Noah's family, friends, classmates, associates, and dormmates comfort in their grief. The world lost a bright light, but our memories live on. As Noah always signed off, "Solidarity forever!"

Kendall, Irene and Cat Mar 10, 2023

Friend ,Shawnee ,Kansas

Noah must have been around 7 when we met you. You were our first friends after moving to KC. Noah was so special, so sweet, intelligent, respectful, the ideal son and brother. The love you all had for each other was so obvious. This is heart breaking for so many. Please accept our deepest condolences.

Jessica Znidarsic Mar 11, 2023

Friend ,Shawnee ,Kansas

I met him in middle school. He was so witty and funny and always kept us on our toes. He truly made me feel like being weird was okay and helped me accept myself. He never left my mind throughout high school and college. He made an impact on me for so many years and I was truly blessed to get to know him at Mill Creek. Sending so much love and light.

Becca Newport Mar 11, 2023

Friend from Gamma Phi Beta ,Andover ,Kansas

My thoughts and prayers are with your family. No words seem appropriate for this kind of heartache. But know that I’m praying for your family that God would wrap his arms around you & surround you with peace.

Megan Geraghty Mar 15, 2023

Friend ,Arlington Heights ,Illinois

Noah and I were RAs together last year and I am so grateful for the friendship we had. Every meeting we’d greet each other with “hey bestie” and would continue the tradition anytime we ran into each other. He was truly one of the most thoughtful, kind, and open minded person I have ever met. His mindfulness opened my eyes to new perspectives and I am forever thankful. Rest easy Noah, you’re truly missed.